Chanchullo Musicians

Ricardo Alvarez (Havana, Cuba, 1962)
Piano, backing vocals, director.

He has been a member of Arkanar, Manuel Valera, Pulsos, Frecuencia Mod, amongst others. Credits in Europe with Nena, Lou Bega, Scatman John, Heath Hunter, Edesio Alejandro, Quinteto Cubano, Side by Side, RIAS-Big band Berlin. He is also the founder and director of Cubanisimo and his solo project Extravaganza, as well as the record label and studio, Alvarez Music.
Leandro Saint-Hill (Camagüey, Cuba,1968)
Lead singer, tenor and sopran saxes, flute, güiro, backing vocals.

Has worked in Cuba with superstars like Manolín El Médico de la Salsa and Beatriz Márquez. He has important credits in Europe with Cubanisimo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Tony Martínez & the Cuban Power, Julio Barreto, Modern Talking, Scatman John, Mr. President, Caribbean Unlimited, Miguel Angá and Omar Sosa.
Omar Rodríguez Calvo (Matanzas, Cuba, 1973)
Baby bass, contrabass, backing vocals.

In Cuba he has worked with Argelia Fragoso, Carlos Maza. In Europe he has been working with Joe Gallardo, Nils Landgren, Ramón Valle, Julio Barreto, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Perico San Beat, Roy Hargrove, Eric Vloeimans, Mike Stern, Gabor Winand, Orange Blue, Frank Emilio Flynn, NDR Bigband, Gerardo Nuñez, Martin Tingvall, Joja Wendt, Jureck Lamorski, Bobby Shew, Enrique Heredia "El Negri", hr Bigband, Pancho Amat, amongst others.
Silvano Mustelier (Santiago, Cuba,1960)
Timbales, drums, backing vocals.

He has been working as a percussionist in Orquesta Gloria Latina (3 CDs), Senda, Quinteto Oriente and Salsa Caracol. He has important credits in Cuba with stars like Roberto Sánchez, Trío Los Caminantes and Trio Ensueño, a part of the Trova Santiaguera. In Europe and has performed with Caridad Hierrezuelo, Raúl Rekow and Karl Perazzo (Santana), The Bar at Buena Vista, Jazz Ex Tempore (Croatia) and Piotrek Jazwinski.
Justo Suárez (Havana, Cuba, 1963)
Congas, singer and backing vocals.

He has worked in Cuba with salsa bands like Son DC, Da Capo, Clave, Sexto Sentido, Orquesta Salsa Tropical, Aché and Extravaganza. In Europe he has credits with Habana-Café, Latin Project, Huracao, Salsa Caliente, Sonido 3, Cuarteto Chanchullo, Marshall & Alexander, Milva, Christopher Lee, Fabula Aetatis and John Smile. His own project is Just.on and Timbalatin, with success in the German Latin scene.
Humberto Zaldívar (Camagüey, Cuba, 1974)

Trumpet, flugelhorn, small percussion, backing vocals.

In Cuba he has worked with superstars like Compay Segundo, Conjunto Campo Alegre, Celina González, Asere, Cotó & Ecos del Caribe and Elíades Ochoa. In Europe he has performed with Caridad Hierrezuelo, Julio Barreto and Cuarteto Chanchullo.

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