Extravaganza Album


Magia (EGREM, 2003)

Track List

1.    Suavecito (I. Piñeiro) 4:19
2.    Viento Solar (R. Alvarez) 5:28
3.    Magia (R. Alvarez) 4:20
4.    Linda Cubana (A. M. Romeu) 4:35
5.    Entropía (R.Alvarez) 4:57
6.    El Templo de las Musas (R. Alvarez) 5:20
7.    Mambo en Re menor  (featuring Chucho Valdés) (J. Valdés) 3:45
8.    Almendra (G. Valdés) 4:32
9.    Patricia (R. Alvarez) 4:57
10.  Alejandría (R. Alvarez) 3:54
11.  Bonzai (R. Alvarez) 5:55

Produced by Ricardo Alvarez
Arranged and programmed by Ricardo Alvarez
Special guest: Chucho Valdés
Keyboards and synthesizers: Ricardo Alvarez
Acoustic piano in “Mambo en Re menor“: Chucho Valdés
Acoustic guitar in “Magia“ and electric guitar in “Viento Solar“: Ed Harris
Recorded in Alvarez Music Studio, Hamburg, Germany
Mixed by Ricardo Alvarez and Edu García
Mastered by Edu García in Soundgarden Studio, Hamburg, Germany

Digital artwork: William Borrego
Graphic design: William Borrego and Tomás Miña
Photo: Hardy Brockmann
Stylist: Jose M. Riverón Benedí

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English (United Kingdom)Español(Spanish Formal International)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)

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