AM Portfolio

Arranging and Programming

Work Sample Title/Time/Player

Nenas Weihnachtsreise album (1997)

Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen (1:20)

Nena - Tausend Sterne album (2002)

Schlaf mein Prinzchen (1:27)

Lou Bega - Conchita (Chacha Version) single (2007)

Conchita (Chacha Radio Version) (1:07)

Scatman John - Scatmambo single (1998)

Scatmambo (Remix) (1:18)

DJ Tequila - Ritmo Infernal album (1997)

Scatmambo (Remix) (0:57)
Carlos Zapata - Christmas Song album (2006)

Christmas Song (1:15)

Producer and Director

Work Sample Title/Time/Player

Frecuencia Mod - Sentidos Próximos album (1995)

El Sabor Del Amor (2:35)

Ilukán y Su Tanda Mayor album (2001)

Yo Soy De La Rumba (1:19)

Masterbits Salsa Picante Sampling CD, produced with Eng (1996)

Brass Samples clip (0:26)

Mixing and Mastering

Work Sample Title/Time/Player

Clan 537 - Clan 537 album mastering (2005)

Quién Tiró La Tiza? (2:13)

Jan Degenhardt -  Stimmen Hinterm Spiegel album (2004)

E-mail am Mitternacht (1:48)

Luis Amarilla y Los Espléndidos album (1999)

Mateando (1:13)


Work Sample Title/Time/Player

Extravaganza - Magia album (2003)

Patricia (1:16)

Cuarteto Chanchullo - Zambumbia album (2001)

Zambumbia (2:29)
Words Apart (1995)

Todo Para Mi (3:36)
Pulsos - Pequeñas Ilusiones (1995)

En Este Rincón (2:08)

Playing Piano / Keyboards

Work Sample Title/Time/Player

Extravaganza - Magia album (2003)

Mambo En Re Menor (feat. Chucho Valdés) (1:31)

Cubanísimo - Clásicos Al Estilo De Los 50s album (1998)

Echale Salsita (2:51)

Cuarteto Chanchullo - Zambumbia album (2001)

Miramar (3:31)

Side by Side - What Color Is Water album (1998)

Now (1:45)

Nenas Weihnachtsreise album (1997)

Still, Still (1:21)
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