Extravaganza Music Samples

Music Sample InfoStudio music clips comes from the Extravaganza "Magia" Album (AM 2003) and live music clips comes from the album release concert held at Casa de la Música Habana in Havana, Cuba on May 21st, 2003.

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Song Title
Conposer Remarks/Time/Player
Suavecito I. Piñeiro

Linda Cubana
(live version)
A. M. Romeu
live feat. Orlando Sánchez on keys (3:33)
Entropía R. Alvarez

 Mambo En Re Menor
Chucho Valdés
feat. Chucho Valdés on piano (2:41)
Bonzai R. Alvarez

(live version)
G. Valdés
live feat. Justo Suárez on percussion (3:40)
 Magia  R. Alvarez  
Mambo En Re Menor
(live version)
Chucho Valdés  
feat. Roberto Carcassés on piano (3:17)

feat. Roberto Carcassés on piano (3:17)

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